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As members of NCRS, National Corvette Restorers Society, and the fact it has been a three year period since we did such a run from South Australia to New south Wales, John and Jenny got the urge to catch up with their breakfast run which was organised by Rod Grogan on Sunday 17th April.

For us this is not just an excuse to catch up with our NCRS friends but also do some sight seeing along the way as well as see family in Sydney at the same time.

We set off three days early staying at Narrandera the first night then on to Katoomba for two more before arriving in Sydney and staying with Jenny’s family.

The Saturday was taken up being tourists and soaking up all the points of interest in the Blue Mountains at Scenic World. This included the cable car into the Jamison Valley for the rain forest walk, then back up on the cable railway back to the base for the Skyway journey over the valley and the Katoomba Falls. 

Many walking trails are available for views around the scenic points with heaps of photo opportunities.

While there are no oversees tourists currently it is the ideal time to visit and although there were still plenty of people sight seeing in the school holidays we found getting there early in the morning certainly avoided the busy midday crowds.

On Sunday we were up early as we were to meet the NCRS members at the Windsor Caltex Service Station at 8am ready for the hour drive to Putty for our 9am breakfast.

The drive through to Windsor was foggy and the Hawksbury Heights look out view over Sydney was amazing and just like being in a plane at 40,000 ft with full cloud cover with the sun bouncing across the clouds. Not that we could stop to take it in as there is no where to stop when on the wrong side of the road.

Locals will know there are two Caltex Servos in Windsor. Guess which one we were at? Yes, the other one. Once we got that sorted and were in the right location the rest was plain sailing.

It was so good to catch up and spend time with the NCRS members who made us feel so welcome even though our Corvette, 1997 C5, is in the younger period in NCRS terms. We enjoyed our catch up stories over breakfast.

It was an easy run to the Grey Gums Café at Putty and an eye opener for us as the last time we were there was quite a few years ago now and at that time the café had only just opened and did not have the facilities it does now.

This is the place to be on a sunny Sunday morning as there were so many people around. Seemed like hundreds of bikers. The Aston Martin and GT Falcon club rolled up just as we were leaving as well.

For us it was then off to Willoughby to catch up with family who always look after us so well.

Jenny and I welcomed the opportunity to be able to be included in the NCRS cruise and meet the people who we would normally be able to see at Corvette Nationals which have been postponed in the last two years.

Looking forward to our next meeting, whenever and where ever it maybe.

All part of the fun of owning a Corvette with so many like minded great people to share with. 

 Thank you., John and Jenny

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