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We decided to do an Easter Sunday Run as the Canberra Nationals had been cancelled & it looked like being a nice sunny day.

We met at Maccas Glynde. The run was called a "Run with a Twist" because of where we were going.

We travelled up Gorge Rd with a U turn & stop at Kangaroo Creek Dam, mainly for a photo opportunity.

Now here is where the twists starts:- 1 car that had problems starting at Maccas (probably too much grease consumed) decided to go home & switch cars to come back for lunch.

OK, so we all head back down Gorge Rd, turn into the famous Corkscrew Rd. Up, up & up we go. Oh no, another victim with petrol surging, coughing, spluttering - possibly a sick fuel pump. At least he managed to get home safely.

Onwards we went heading down the Old Norton Summit Rd & back towards Adelaide. Then we turned back up Norton Summit Rd to complete a loop through the hills, regrouping at Summertown. We were supposed to regroup here, but the next twist is we lost a couple of people who then decided just to head back to town. Another one was having car problems decided to go home to swap cars. Another couple became lost (says a lot about police & their sense of direction). However they managed to connect with the broken down car on the side of the road.

Count so far, 3 cars not going to complete the journey in their Corvette. Two got lost but both made it back to West Beach. By the time we finally made it back, coming down via Piccadilly & then Greenhill Rd via Mt Lofty, everybody was ready for a cold drink or 2,3,4 & a good feed.

All in all it was a good day, be it with a twist or two!

Thanks to all who came along to make it an enjoyable day.

Cheers Peter & Lynda
Write up & photos by Peter McBride

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