Corvette club of South Australia Inc.


Breck & Helen Falconer (Member No. 45)
1973 C3 Corvette (DD 584C)

Like others I've spoken to in the club buying a Corvette has been the fulfilment of a childhood dream.  Our car is a 1973 model with the original 350ci (L-82) engine and 4 speed manual transmission. We bought the car in June 2012 in Adelaide, this vehicle had already been imported into Australia only a couple of months earlier from San Carlos, California where the previous owner had it for 13 years.  The car is generally in original condition and only required some minor cosmetic changes in addition to the usual seatbelt replacement, headlight adjustment etc in order for it to pass inspection at Regency Park.  We are grateful to Andre and the team at Old Yankee Imports for their efforts in preparing this car for inspection.  We have not made any modifications to this car and do not know any previous history on the vehicle other than the previous owner repainted it in the "go faster" red around 7 years ago from it's original blue-green colour.

Our first outing with both the car and the club was the Renmark cruise at the long weekend. We thoroughly enjoyed our time away (especially as we didn't have any breakdown problems) and have felt as though we have been warmly welcomed into the club. We have also enjoyed the other outings that we have attended to date and look forward to being involved with the many upcoming club events.
Breck & Helen




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