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My name is Wayne Bennetts and my wife is Susan. We own a 2008 built, Jetstream Blue C6 Corvette. 

We joined the Corvette club in January 2022 after purchasing our car in November 2021 from a private buyer in Perth.

I had previously owned an HQ Holden Premier and a 1965 Mustang Fastback that I rebuilt over a number of years (both restomod style). Sue and I were members of Mustangs on the Move club for 10 years and have some great memories of those times, with the club meetings being at the Sporting Car Club of South Australia.

Some would say I jumped ship , others would say I saw the light when I purchased a corvette , but for me I love a whole range of cars , the manufacturer to me is irrelevant as long as it’s a V8 , the more horsepower the better.

I had been interested in C5s and C6s for some time, mainly looking on the internet and car shows.  I would drag Sue along to Corvettes Rock the Bay (a great event ) each year. We found the club members easy to talk to and keen to have a chat and discuss the cars and the club.

I eventually settled on a C6 when one came up in Perth with 25,000 km on the clock. The car looked good in the photo’s and matched my requirements with a few nice extra’s. Following negotiations on the price, I travelled to Perth (when Covid was in full swing ) for a look with a view to purchase. The deal was done and I drove the car to a mates place who was putting me up while I was in Perth. I then set about transport back to SA, and put the car in a container as these cars are too low for truck transport. On arrival in Adelaide the company rang me to ask if the car had reverse gear when it left the Perth depot because they could not get reverse when trying to get it out of the container. After some discussion I could drive the car home with no reverse with Sue following, in our other car. After checking with Mr Google, I spent the first night in the shed pulling apart the console and shifter to find the auto lever button had come adrift and not been reinstalled correctly. Presumably by the transport company as it was fine when I left it at the depot in Perth. Not the ideal way to start a dream car purchase, but that’s the way it goes sometimes.

A few days later it was off to Lonsdale for rego inspection. As I had purchased the car registered in WA it was only an identity inspection required, check Vin and engine number etc. Some discussion followed when the inspector tried to tell me it would need to go over the pits. Further conversations with the supervisor saw the identity inspection take place and rego soon after. Finally on the road and loving it. I do miss the club rego though.

Haven’t done much to the car as yet, apart from servicing, a mild to wild exhaust controller, a tow hook for the back of the car, with a front one to come. As we all know these cars are low and towing on to a flatbed would be a problem without a tow hook. My thinking being if I have the tow hooks I probably won’t need them but if I don’t have them ???

I love driving the Corvette and both Sue and I are enjoying the friendly club meetings and outings we have taken part in..

Wayne 2008

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