Corvette club of South Australia Inc.


Hi All, First a little about us, I am Shawn Adams and my wife and best friend is Teresa. We both grew up in Adelaide in the Norwood and Mitcham Area. We have been married for 38 years and both love Chevs. We have 5 children and currently the owners and directors of The Booyoolee Brew Coffee Bar / Restaurant in Gladstone. (Find us on FB)

Several years ago, we purchased a LHD 1974 Red C3, site unseen from a WA car dealer. Let's just say it was not what the photos suggested, and we never got it on the road. We ended up swapping it for a Bedford Motor home a couple of years later and travelled a little. We both wanted another Corvette one day.

So, the Story goes like this, we owned a 2017 Holden Cruize and a 2018 Holden Colorado. I had been looking for another C3 RHD on the road in SA but struggled to find one in our price range, then I saw this Wide Body black C4 advertised and loved it. I showed Teresa the photos and she said the car was nice!

I thought she said, "you can have it if you want my darling" ?? I was So excited I rang the guy and asked could I have a look, and do you trade cars? His reply was yes, we can do trade ins.

So, I headed off to Adelaide without Teresa to look at our new car. I also took Teresa's car because I heard her say once it was hard to get out of it and the driver's door would not stay open, it would blow shut and hit her legs. I was just so anxious I thought they shifted Adelaide further south from Gladstone.

That afternoon I drove our New Corvette home and loved it, and I got a great deal on the Holden Cruize as well I might add. I pulled in the drive with a big rumble then I saw Teresa face on the lawn and she was not smiling but not all together angry looking either. I got out and said, so what do you think my love?

Her reply was, "Where is my car? I said "Um in Adelaide this is our new car the Cruize was a shit car anyway. Do you want to go for a drive? Honey, where are you going? Teresa come back!.

It was a cold night in the spare bedroom that night but I could see our new car through the window and it looked fantastic in the moonlight.

I ended up selling my Colorado a few weeks later to buy Teresa a new car and to this day she is still my wife and Best Friend. I am not allowed to have any keys to her new car though. ??

Our Corvette is a Black C4 Convertible with a stock 350 and 6 speed manual. We both love it now.!!!
I am still looking for a RHD C3 454 Big Block but please don't tell my Best Friend.
Cheers Shawn

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