Corvette club of South Australia Inc.


I first met Steve Jacob when I inspected his Corvette for club historic registration in Aug 1998. He lived and worked in Roxby Downs and his car was garaged in Adelaide. Steve was gradually getting the car rebuilt, he had the front bodywork realigned and whole car painted. In Feb 2001 Laurie and I arranged for my daughter and Steve to meet and they went on the Cadillac Cruise in the Vette. They instantly hit it off, both being car enthusiasts. Carrie used to often ride with me on club runs. Eventually Carrie moved to Roxby Downs and the Corvette was taken with them. Three children were born, Aaron, Charlotte and Ryan.

In 2009 the engine was rebuilt and Steve was happy as. In March 2009 I trailered Steve's Vette to Adelaide for a dynotune on the freshly rebuilt big block and for the car to be used in my son Sean's wedding. Steve and family returned to Roxby. Tragically, in May 2009, while preparing the family Commodore in his shed to trailer the Corvette back home, he dies in a tragic accident. Carrie and Steve's youngest, Ryan is not quite 3 years old.

Carrie leaves her job in Roxby, sells up and moves with the children to Seaford. Steve's Vett is trailered down and put in her shed.

In 2020 my son Sean and Ryan drive Steve's Vette to Corvettes at the Bay and it takes 2nd place with Public Choice, a tribute to the effort Sean and Ryan have put into preparation of the car and of course to Steve for his work on the car. Again in 2022 the car was awarded 3rd place. In June 2022 Ryan got his learner's permit on his 16th birthday, I bet he cannot wait to become old enough to drive his Dad's Vette.

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