Corvette club of South Australia Inc.


There once was a Ford guy, who had lots of friends who were Chev guys. One day, he was invited by his Chevy guys to attend a long weekend to Hamilton, Victoria with the Corvette Club of South Australia.
He regrets this decision to this day. No, just joking - it was his best decision ever (wasn't it!!)

You may have heard of Hans Peverelli from Southern Radiators in Lonsdale. He was importing Corvette's back in the day and happened to have a Black C4 Corvette (LHD) which he was going to convert and sell.

Congrats Jim, you are now the proud owner of a 1985 C4 Black Corvette! (Circa 2005) Definitely do not want to miss all the fun the CCSA have.

Wow, so many stories… such little time. Am sure you hear some of them floating around at times.

Anyway, Hans and Jim then spent the next couple of years converting the car to RHD - one thing that Jim will never do, ever again… Sure was an eye opener.

As the conversion progressed, conversation started on what 'modifications' we could do whilst we have the car pulled to bits. Hmmmmm… lets make it go faster….!

Hence, BBII was born…… (BBI is owned by Sean!)

Now, Why BB…. Well, there are Black Corvette's in the club and they have a tendency to break down at times. Hence the nickname BB.

Unfortunately BBII had her fair share of rides on the back of a tow truck, but always comes back stronger than ever.. until the next time.

When BBII is on song, boy, does she sing a lovely tune. If you have ever heard that super charger go past, whistling merrily away sounds awesome! And to have that power under your right foot… it is something special, however……….

One day, Catherine said to Jim., 'I really like George'. Jim replied with, 'Yeah, nice car'.
Catherine responded with, 'No, you're not listening - I REALLY like George'. After some hard and fierce negotiations (not really) and waiting on a C6, Z06 (yep, that is true) to arrive for Sean and Kirsty, George was purchased and is now sitting in the carport alongside BBII and the Imperial.

A shout out to Jim. He has always managed to get us home, one way or the other, especially from Western Australia Nationals when the alternator failed and because it was a special one, we couldn't get a replacement over there. It was a juggling act, charging batteries each night, but we still had a great time (yes, even with Stuart) and managed to get home.

No one needs to mention the lack of fuel situation…….

Oh, and before you ask, No, Jim won't be modifying George… he is staying just like he is……!
Catherine & Jim.
Not sure why I am smiling - the tank was bone dry……

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