Corvette club of South Australia Inc.


In a previous life, I had an EJ Holden which was my daily driver for 15 years up until about 10 years ago !

I have always loved American cars and in particular the Corvette because of it's combination of stunning looks and V8 power. I just needed to save up enough money and convince my better half that it was a sound investment which we could have a lot of fun in.

I started looking seriously about 3 years ago and finally found something that met my expectations - presentable yet can be driven regularly, mostly original condition, v8, stands out from the crowd. The car was in Port Fairy Victoria and I decided to ring the owner and negotiate a price first without inspecting the car. With a price agreed, he also agreed to hold it until the weekend when I could come down and buy it provided it was as he described it.

My wife and I drove down the next weekend and the rest is history ! - We both fell in love with it instantly and couldn't hand the cash over fast enough !

The car drove great on the way home except for one minor mishap - flat battery in Mt. Gambier - it was overcast and l had been driving with the lights on and this had drained the battery. I bought a set of jumper leads from a service station across from where we'd stopped and got a jump start from a friendly local and we were on our way home again. When I got home, I found out that one of the generator wires was loose which was an easy fix and have had no issues since...touch wood !

It did take some time going through regency and getting all the right paperwork in place but it was well worth it and I still have a big smile on my face every time I walk in to the shed !

Morhetville Jan 2020


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