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I have loved Corvettes since C3s were released in 1968 and it has been a dream since then.

Lyndall and I were married in March 1972 and bought our first Corvette in early 1974, it was a Blue 1968 427 4 speed coupe, though we should have it before children, then in June 1975 birth of our first child Kirsty, so late 1975 1975 it was sold but in 1976 the bug was still there so we bought a Green 350 4 speed coupe and I crashed it in early 1977 and wrote it off, then came our second child Mark in December 1977 so that we thought was the end of Corvettes.

18 years later kids are grown up, 1995 we bought a Silver 1972 350 4 speed coupe we kept for 6 years and a 1996 we bought a red 1985 350 auto coupe we kept for 11 years. In 2004 we bought a 1994 white 350 auto coupe we had for 2 years and in 2011 we bought a 1988 350 auto coupe that we sold in 2013 and though that's it no more Corvettes, really wanted another chrome bumper C3 but I thought no.

Then in 2017 retirement was getting close so I started looking for a project car (not a Corvette ) could not find anything that appealed to me. We were at Rod Primes for Christmas drinks and a few people there said Hans had a 1969 for sale and I spoke to him, had a look at it and bought it, a black 1969 427 4 speed coupe and we still have it. Still dreaming.

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