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Some facts about the Corvette Club of South Australia:

S in South also stands for social. We are known to be the best social car club bar none.

NO, our club is not a blokey car club with the men standing around talking nothing but cars, repairs, tech talk etc as we have a large female membership as well.

The Vettes are the common denominator of the members getting together for a great time, socialising with one another and enjoying the cars together.

Our Club meetings sometimes look like a skit from the Monty Python Show, but then, that’s our club.

Then we have our monthly car cruises. If you are looking to join or check us out, this is a great way to start as here you’ll meet the real funsters. There cruises can be anything from a drive in the country with a pub lunch. To a poker run, bowls, or taking a ride on a paddle steamer.

We have our monthly Friday night dinners & other special occasions.

There are times where we organise overnight runs, Long-weekend getaways/road trips, O/S trips:- the possibilities are endless.

During the warmer months we represent our club by attending various car shows such as All American Day, Super Chevy Sunday, GM Day & of course our own Corvettes Rock The Bay Those with earlier model vettes can take part in Rock n Roll Rendezvous & the Bay to Birdwood. Corvette Nationals are held in a different state each year. These are great fun to attend.


If you think this club is something you would like to be part of then
phone Gary on 0412 804 811 for more information.
Click on our photo album to see more. Hope to see you soon, so Happy Vetting!

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