Corvette club of South Australia Inc.


This year we thought we would celebrate AUSTRALIA DAY as a club and what a great day that it was. Fifty – yes Fifty of us met at “The Haus” Restaurant in Hahndorfs main street for breakie and or coffee.

Here everyone received a set of instructions, map and a quiz to answer while on a self-guided run which took them through the hills via Nairne, Woodside, Mt Torrens, Palmer, Murray Bridge, Callington, Mt Barker and ending up at the historic old pub, The Hagen Arms at Echunga.

While Shaun &Kirsty had a hiccup with the Vette at Hahndorf, at least he picked a good spot to carry out a rebuild of his engine. Jim, Catherine, Peter & Lynda stayed with them till the job was done and these guys then met us at the pub. All worked out in the end.

The rest took off one by one in a quest to see who are the sharpest and the not so sharpest tools in the shed - answering the quiz as they travelledthe route. We met everyone back at the pub where we had all of upstairs and the balcony booked for the club. I sat down and started to tally up the scores as the cars came in and must say, “there was more than one politically incorrect answer given to some of my questions”. Shame on you all!!

As there was a prize for the worst score, Catherine & Jim cleaned up here with a score of 4 out of a possible 28 but were disqualified for cheating followed by Pete & Lynda with a score of 11. They were also disqualified for cheating. I bet you guys don’t help Shaun out again!! Rudi & Kay took out the prize for the worst score but at least they followed the rules.

There was a four way split for 2nd prize with a score of 26 out of 28 and this was between Rob (BIG DOG) & Karen, Gary & Cathy, Graham & Debbie and the Lady Boys of the club Kiwi & Dave. Kiwi & Dave took home the prize as they did it in the quickest time. No doubt still sticking to the speed limit at all times. First Prize went to Breck& Helen which no doubt had the benefit of local knowledge and most likely, a higher IQ than most of the others.

We all chilled out with a drink or two, a great pub meal while the publicans Yvonne& Stuart snuck outside and chose their favourite Vette. This title went to Alan Litchfield’s 72 which was a great winner. Well done.

All in all it was a great day with plenty of laughs and a great way to celebrate AUSTRALIA DAY.

Message to Laurie and Margaret. Your answer to ‘What do they sell in COX COUNTRY’ was NOT correct!

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