Corvette club of South Australia Inc.


My love for Corvettes started when I was 21, I purchased a framed photo of a C3 in red with a tan interior,  had it on my bedroom wall for years,  it's in the Man Cave today,  After seeing David Daw driving his yellow C3 in the same complex I lived in,  I eventually went over to have a chat about it,  within minutes Dave kindly took me for a drive on the northern expressway,  I was hooked! Not long after that I bought a 25th anniversary C3, needed a little work but was unmolested , eventually had the 350 sb fitted with alloy heads,  mild cam etc etc.,  now it drove like a Corvette,  circumstances came that I had to sell it,  but I missed the club runs so I purchased a cheap red C4, however the footwell was too narrow for me and the conversion was a nightmare so eventually sold it and a Jaguar XK8 to raise the money for the C5 I now have, I bought it from Andrew Temby from Vic,  (ex-racing driver)   who did a few mods to engine but was otherwise stock and only 30k on the clock, After having previously sat in in Rudy’s C5 I like the comfort and more modern cockpit so i looked for a C5 and found it on CCSA web site, Andrew spent 5 days in his work shop fitting new tyres, new road/track brakes, changed all fluids in car, polished it up, ready for me to drive it home to SA, needless to say it poured with rain all the way home, I also found out on the journey home that if you turn off traction control you can overtake a combie van sideways, but you need to carry spare underpants.

The C5 has done me proud over the last 6 years and has 50k on the clock, never letting me down.

Recently the harmonic balancer started to fail but still didn’t let me down,

Decided to do a few mods while the front end was coming off, summit racing balancer and oil seal, new Cam they tell me it’s slightly bigger than the Walkinshaw cam they put in the Holdens.

New timing chain and sprocket, new high pressure fuel pump, heavier valve springs, push rods, roller rockers, new belts, and idler pulleys.

Air con regas, new coolant and finally a Dyno tune.

New carpets front and back.

6k later it’s now up to Zo6 power.

So obviously it’s now a keeper.

Kate and I really enjoy the club runs and the people who make up the club, so I guess I’m gonna have a Corvette for a long, long time.

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