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Photos by Debbie Johns & Peter McBride

With a forecast top temperature at Tailem Bend of 40 degrees plus the possibility of thunder showers, plus a couple of mechanical issues, there were a few less Corvettes and a few more daily drivers at our starting point of Frewville Foodland. With a full day of bookings, The Bend asked that we be there by 9.45am so a departure of 8.30am from Adelaide was required. Too early for the coffee shop to be open, and no stops on the way. That's a rarity but we all survived and arrived on time, picking a couple of extras up on the way and meeting Darle and Cheryl there who travelled from Monash the day before, staying at the track in the new Hotel and watching some car racing from their balcony.
After the check in and signing of waivers, so if we happened to injure ourselves it was our problem not the Bend's, it was into the briefing room, watch a short video of what not to do (some didn't understand that part) and then 17 of us climbed into the karts. Adjustable seats and pedals made life a bit easier for those of a shorter stature.
With the temperature increasing, dark clouds moving in and a bit of lightening, it could be an interesting time.
We got 5 minutes of timed practice to familiarise ourselves with the track and to sort out grid positions for the first 15 minute race. At least some drivers had been there recently so had a distinct advantage over the rest of us, while for some it was their first time.
The standing start and dash to the first corner was uneventful, with no incidents except a few bumps from other karters trying to push their way through. 15 minutes doesn't sound long but it's surprising how much effort goes into driving these things.
Race 1 top 3 drivers were Wombat, Iceman & Muzzy
For race two it was a reverse grid. Slowest on pole going down to fastest at the back.
As expected this was a more interesting start with the fast drivers all trying to get past the slowies before the first corner. I managed to get to the front for 2 corners before taking a corner a bit wide and letting 3 others through. Unfortunately that was my one and only time leading. There seemed to be a few more bumps, a couple of spins and a dirt track excursion in this race which was eventually won by Wombat
Race 2 top 3 drivers were Wombat, Johnsy & Ice Man
After 2 x 15 minutes of hard competitive racing the overall winner by a hairy nose was


A protest was lodged by several other competitors for over aggressive driving by the top 3 but was thrown out for being bullshit.

Congratulations and well driven. For those of us who didn't place in the top 3 it was still a lot of fun no matter where we finished. We will plan another event for next year.
What perfect timing we had. The group following up were just about to climb into their karts when a short thunderstorm hit, leaving the track very slippery. Slicks and wet tracks don't mix so there were plenty of spins from the first corner onwards and speeds were way down.
By now it was getting really warm and the showers made it very humid. Off to lunch at the Riverview Hotel. I heard someone didn't quite know which way to go when exiting The Bend onto the Dukes Highway so an accidental donut might have happened trying to sort directions out. MMM !!! No names
We had the Hotel Bistro almost to ourselves. Service was friendly and prompt, which considering there were 35 of us was a good effort from the kitchen.
After sitting in an airconditioned restaurant, it came as quite a shock as we walked out the door. Clouds had gone, the sun was shining and it was all of 40 degrees. Oh for an aircon that worked. Those in their daily drivers did look a little more comfortable. It was a rather warm trip back to Craigmore.
Thanks to all those who attended and I look forward to planning Karts at the Bend Round 3 for some time next year.

Greg Woods

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