Corvette club of South Australia Inc.


This month's club run was delayed by a week to coincide with the annual Mannum Hot Rod Show. Two groups of Corvettes set off from Frewville and Tea Tree Plaza to rendezvous not far from Mary Ann Reserve in Mannum. After the compulsory U-turn was completed….….this time for traffic management reasons and not just because someone got "geographically challenged" it was time for the 12 Corvettes present to make their way onto the riverfront reserve ready for the day ahead.
Having travelled on some wet roads on the way to Mannum it was too much of a temptation for some of our members to get their chamois out and give their cars a wipe down….....don't they know if you clean your car on a day when there is even just a 1% chance of rain that it will pour down!
The heavens opened up a few times during the day and everyone was very grateful for the shelter which Tony and Faye brought along, even some of the locals had to duck for cover and join the huddle of club members who were trying to avoid getting wet.
A large tree branch also fell to the ground damaging another shelter and narrowly missing some people cooking at a BBQ………..this resulted in the rapid reshuffling of some classic vehicles way from under the other gum trees around the place!
While the crazy summer/autumn weather we've been having wasn't the best, overall it was still a great day out in a great location.
Thanks to everyone who made to trek out to Mannum, book it in your calendar again for next year!

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