Corvette club of South Australia Inc.


Our day started at the Commissary Café meeting point opposite Victoria Park race course. After we were all fuelled up with coffee and cake our cruise captains Greg and Christine gave us a quick briefing about the day ahead, then it was time to hit the road. A steady stream of Corvettes rumbled out of town and up the freeway into the picturesque Adelaide Hills.

Keeping your eyes wide open was the name of the game on this run as we all juggled reading the clues on the question sheet, searching for the relevant landmarks …. and of course looking out for everyone else on the road!

After a pleasant cruise through the hills we all converged on the newly renovated Uraidla Hotel for lunch. But there was one last and what turned out to be crucial task left to do….hand sketch a drawing of the hotel itself.

As we waited for lunch the answers to all the questions were revealed. The scores were so close that the artistic skills of the contenders was going to be the deciding factor. The triumphant winner was Bob Butler who surprised us all with his hidden artistic abilities. The final runner up (...that's a nice way of saying last place) was David Daw.

A great day out was had by all and we would especially like to welcome David & Helen Askins who joined us for the day in their silver 1989 convertible, hope you enjoyed your day out.

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