Corvette club of South Australia Inc.


Goof & Mel kindly arranged this year's Kegel rematch. For those who don't know Kegel is a traditional form of German indoor bowling which uses 9 pins placed in a diamond formation. We had a total of 21 bowlers (...or is that Kegeler's?) competing this year with some hidden talents on display. Dave Nitschke had a top scoring shot which involved knocking down 8 of the pins while leaving the centre (king) pin still standing. We think Graham Johns may have missed the point of the game and thought it was to try and launch the ball through the back wall and into the next galaxy! A stop in play was called when the pizzas arrived and after a short break it was back into the competition. The winner on the night was Rob McConnell with a total score of 96 who narrowly beat Peter McBride on 95. A big thank you to all those who came along especially the "pin monkeys" who reset the pins after each bowl and to Helen who kept track of everyone's scores. Another very successful club event thanks to Goof & Mel.

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