Corvette club of South Australia Inc.



Before the start of this run nature kindly provided everyone with a free car wash….with a number of repeat rinses throughout the day! A total of 7 Corvettes ventured out in the damp conditions as well as 3 "support vehicles". Unfortunately not everyone read the email first and there was a bit of a wardrobe malfunction with only red and white Corvettes turning up. Goof and Mel who were our cruise captains for the day then gave us a quick briefing before we all jumped in our cars and headed off towards Clare.

Given the poor weather conditions it was decided to give the scenic route a miss and head directly to our morning tea stop in Auburn. After morning tea we were given the option to check out the local shops or spend some time exploring of the area on our own before regrouping at the Sevenhill Hotel for lunch. The majority decided to head straight to the hotel but a couple of cars did a bit of a detour through Mintaro on the way.

Clare Valley locals Mick and Paula joined us for lunch as we all made our way downstairs to eat in the wine cellar under the hotel. This was a great venue for lunch secluded away from the rest of the pub noise. Our meals soon arrived which were absolutely fantastic….thanks to Paula for the lamb burger recommendation. Even Mr Butler's selection from the Kiddies Menu was great. A big thank you to Goof and Mel for a great day out!!!

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