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Well the annual Mid Year Dinner has come and gone, and this year the McBrides outdid themselves yet again. The room was decorated with all manner of things Mexican including some clever bottles of "Rattle Snake Tequila" complete with the snake included. A steady procession of guests started to arrive with a vast array of      different costumes on display. There were plenty of gunslinging/sombrero and moustache combinations, some lovely senoritas, "Hottie" the chilli, a couple of dangerous looking banditos, a very dodgy looking drug dealer and Zorro made an appearance. Mr Butler even narrowly avoided a severe beating when he was almost mistaken for a piƱata by Christeen.
As the night progressed we were all treated to a great 3 course meal and the prize draw began. The prize winning numbers were cleverly concealed in the barcodes of everyone's menus. Peter and Lynda's daughter and son in law, Krystal and Brad, did a very professional job of presenting the rather "exotic" prizes. Many of the prizes included goodies such as sugar coated scorpions and worms, some crunchy cricket nibbles and various other edible insects. There were of course some conventional prizes as well (but with Gary McPhee there no-one else really stood a chance of winning!). Then it was time for the 'Best Dressed' prize to be awarded. As usual the staff of Fedora's Restaurant were given the difficult task of selecting who they thought had the best costumes, this year's deserving winners were Carol and Steven.
Everyone had a great night and a big thank you must go to the McBrides for their fantastic effort. As Lynda was unable to be there a call was put through to her on the night so that we could all say a collective hello.
Thanks to everyone who came along and enjoyed the night, if you've never been to one of these dinners before they're great fun so try and make it along next year.

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