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Well finally Karina & Lyndsay got to do their first club run after having to change dates because of other events. Even now, their Corvette would not co-operate so out came the trusty old Pontiac Trans-Am (we won't do the joke about "What does Pontiac stand for" it did lead all the way). After leaving our meeting point & cruising up the Expressway, it was a fairly impressive sight with 11 Corvettes, 1 Pontiac, 1 Holden & 1 VW.
Stopped & had morning tea at Meadows & a browse around the markets. This gave KB a chance to climb under his Corvette, yes it seemed impossible but he did it to replace the nuts he had lost (and here I was thinking only squirrels lost their nuts, but apparently so do Koalas). Rod & Jenny came to the cruise driving Vic's car. We found out they had arranged with Shelia to surprise Vic & pick him up & bring him to Clayton for lunch with the rest of us.
On the way to Clayton Karina managed to uphold the club tradition of the "have to do a U-Turn". On arriving at Clayton we parked all the Vettes in front of the restaurant & settled in for a long lunch on the deck. It was great looking over the lake while enjoying good food, wine & friends.
Graham & Debbie brought along their new baby, a beautiful brown Kelpie & as we all know Graham has no taste as he is a Ford man. He at least redeemed himself by naming the pup CHEVY. Good on ya guys, mind you if you looked at Graham's console I think Chevy was telling him this is what's going to happen if he continues with Fords. It was a fantastic day and a big thanks to Karina & Lyndsay, we will look forward to your next run in the future.     
Article by Peter McBride

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