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There was a touch of Ground Hog Day on Sunday 15th November. Same meeting place as a week ago (HJ's Anzac Hwy), same people, almost, and same captain, sort of. Our captain for the day was to be the new and improved version with a haircut. I had been advised the day before that our illustrious Captain Bling required a haircut for some upcoming nuptuals. Maybe it was expecting too much to see short back and sides with the long top as is the current fashion, or even all off to match some other club members, but no, couldn't see any change. Check the photos ??

9 Corvettes rumbled up Greenhill Rd and into the hills. This part of Greenhill Rd is popular with cyclists so as responsible motorists we all ensured we gave them the 1.5m gap when passing as required by law. I'd hate to have one run into me. Fibreglass is difficult to fix.

Pit stop was Gumeracha. It wasn't a planned coffee stop but more of a wee break for those who may need it. The Captain advised us if coffee was needed then go to the 1st café rather than the 2nd. Then proceeded to tell us in the past he did go into café 2 and upon paying for goods noticed lady behind counter had forgotten to put her pants on. Captain thought best not to look but leave. Didn't like the hygiene of the place.

Back on the road through Forreston, Williamstown and Kersbrook before arriving at One Tree Hill. It's amazing how so much vegetation has regrown after the fires earlier in the year.

 As we were early, pre lunch drinks were taken in the garden or front bar. Larry and Cathy arrived in their C5 with the convertible top firmly up. Something to do with hair products and wind not working together, I never thought Larry worried about his hair too much. Sean and Kirsty also turned up in the black beast that sounds like a race car. Meals were ordered, the usual conversations had then Larry decided to show us a clip on youtube he found of an American country hick band playing a cover version of AC/DC's Thunderstruck. Bonn Scott would be turning in his grave if he heard this. It was funny though. With meals and drinks over it was time to say farewell and head home.
A pleasant drive through the hills in your Corvette, nice food and good company all equates to a great day out.

Thanks to Pete and Lynda who put this together at short notice and for those who came along.         Article by Greg Woods

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