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Friday afternoon, prior to Graeme and Joy’s Strathalbyn run on Sunday, we found out the very exciting news that there were 5 people from Auckland Corvette Club, NZ, over for a few days.  (Thanks Stu and Ruth!)
This group was coming over for the 2020 Nationals, before we had to cancel because of….. you know what.

Anyway, they decided to head on over and  what perfect timing… we have a run on Sunday!  Several phone calls Friday, we organised 5 cars to pick up Barb, Peter and Trixie, Brian and Carol from their motel in the city. 

Their choice of car with a C3, C4, C5, C6 and a C8.  Peter chose Tim in the C4 with the top down as he was rugged up warm and has a convertible at home.  Brian went in the C8 with Gary, Barb came with me in Jack, the C6.  It was lovely to return the favour to Barb as she drove me around when we were over there for the Bay of Island Nationals in 2016.  Trixie went with Rob in the C3, which left Carol with Jim in George, the C5.

By all accounts, they had a wonderful day seeing some lovely scenery on Graeme and Joy’s run and enjoying everyone’s company at lunch.

Thanks Graeme and Joy for a wonderful day and thank you very much to Rob, Tim, Gary and Jim for the use of their cars. 

Monday the NZ were lucky enough to have a local tour guide as they did a winery tour around the Barossa.  Apparently Rob bought a winery…. Not sure if Karen knows…..??
Catherine and Jim.

Hungry Jacks Firle was the meeting place for our cruise to the Gilbert Motor Museum, and as usual several members had arrived early. With the weather a bit chilly, the members started to fill up the Hungry Jacks carpark. We had five guests from New Zealand. Brian, Peter, Carol, Barb and Trixi all getting picked up from their motel in our members vetts starting from c3 c4 c5 c6 c8. Thanks guys now we are all set for our cruise. Getting all the members together l had my captain speech, all done but l forgot our guests, luckily Catherine stepped in to save the day, thanks. So, with everyone back in their cars, it's onto Glynburn Rd to Gilbert Motor Museum and then lunch. The cruise ran up through Uraidla onto Balhannah, Littlehampton, Mt Barker, Wistow and finally Strathalbyn motor museum. Their carpark was reserved for all the corvettes, sweet. Arriving on time we quickly parked with 17 vetts and one Kia Peter, all gathering together talking about the run. On arriving at the Gilbert Motor Museum staff welcome members and helped several members towards the loo, yes l said it was cold! All inside everyone wandered all over the museum looking at an assortment of cars, motorcycles and old tools etc. If you find the time, go and have a look its we'll worth it. It seemed like time had gotten away from us as we had tables booked for lunch so 40 members headed over for lunch, the hotel dining room was cosy with the club members taking up most of the hotel it got noisy with laughter and chatter, Joy and l had been here for lunch and loved it and in saying that the meals started to arrive to the surprise on the members faces. BIG meals priceless. The staff worked very hard to please everyone, good job. It took time but everyone received their lunch.

With that it's a big thankyou to all members who attended and not forgetting our guests from New Zealand Brian, Peter, Carol, Barb & Trixi. Safe journey home thank you, GRAEME & JOY.

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