Corvette club of South Australia Inc.


Easter Saturday saw 18 Corvettes and various other modes of transport assemble at the Ingle Farm shopping centre for the Presidents Run.

The weather was overcast with the threat of rain and those of us that came down from the north got wet on the way down.

Now we have in our club a means of keeping the rain away and that is Steve, now I don’t know if the roof works on his C4 but I don’t remember it ever being up.

Steve traded Zoe for a different wingman on this run, even though his wingman only had one functional wing.

We had a variety of Corvettes with the only series missing were C1, C2, and C7.

We left Ingle Farm and headed up through Tea Tree Gully and into the hills with the intent to get the windy roads out of the way early, once we left Birdwood the roads allowed for some faster travel and we picked up Serge, Jo, Wayne and Sue at Mt Torrens then onto Mt Pleasant via Tungkillo for our coffee stop at Lovells Bakery where we filled the car park with Corvettes.

At the briefing for the second half of the run the participants were told that once our final destination was reached they would be greeted by “Wally” an extremely friendly and enthusiastic brown lab and Karen still friendly but not as enthusiastic.

We made our way from Mt Pleasant around the back of the Barossa valley to Menglers Hill lookout where we had a photo shoot, from there we made our way into the Valley and onto Lyndoch our final destination, our leader for this last part was a slow Victorian camper van, at least it gave everyone time to take in the scenery.

At Lyndoch we had Corvettes up behind the house, at the side of the house, and in front of the house, good thing we had the room, Goof and Mel decided not to chance the parking or their Corvette so they did the run on foot, good thing they live close.

We managed to accommodate everyone under the rear veranda and proceeded to get the BBQs going while everyone grazed on platters.

Once the BBQ was cooked (thanks to Serge) we managed to feed the 45 with Chicken, Steaks, Sausages and various salads, followed by hot cross buns and Easter eggs.

I had no complaints re the food or run (mainly because the complaints dept was closed) so I declare the Presidents Easter Saturday Run a success!

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