Corvette club of South Australia Inc.


It all started with a sunny 29-degree day, with our meeting place for the Corvettes Australia Day Run at McDonalds Frewville. Arriving at 9:15 am to find 5 Vettes parked there. A keen bunch of cruisers! We made our way inside, meeting members as we went in, handing out our maps and manifest for club records. It wasn’t long before the carpark had overflowed with Vettes, so the remainder of the cars parked at Bob Jane’s next door, sweet. With everyone all coffeed up it was time for the Captain’s speech, short & sharp, so all members moved off to their cars. As I backed out of my parking space a large bang sounded. A cold shiver ran through my body thinking a Corvette had been involved in a collision, on further inspection it happened to be 3 small cars rear ending each other. So their day seemed to be over but our day had just begun, driving up Glen Osmond Rd toward the Toll Gate. Corvettes doubled up to allow everyone onto the freeway. The run up to Stirling went smoothly, turning off we were joined by Serge & Joe, Wayne & Sue. At Mylor, the bridge repair had not been finished with a set of stop lights to pass through. Waiting on the other side a blue C8 appeared from no where, he must have got a shock to see all the Corvettes waiting in line haa haa. With everyone through the bridge it was on to Meadows for a coffee break. It was here we picked up Stuart & Ruth, Phil Turbill, Graham & Debbie Johns, Angelo & his family in their Camaro (nice car). Short stop / chat then onto our last leg of our run to Wellington Hotel. As we drove the hills, looking back in the mirror I saw 28 Vettes ranging from C3 to C8 running back a mile long. A special part of the run. Driving into Strathalbyn Colin & Cyndy had prebooked their pickup point with me beforehand. Good job guys. It didn’t take long to arrive at Langhorne Creek then Wellington Hotel, arriving at 12:15 pm, good timing. The Wellington Hotel Carpark filled up quickly with everyone hitting the bar for drinks & meal orders. I think the bar staff were under the pump but managed it well. As the meals started to arrive it was made clear that you were not going home hungry. There were a few mix ups, but all sorted out. A big Well Done, Wellington Hotel. I would like to thank everyone that came on the run. Also thanks to Peter McBride for taking photos, also Tony BeerSmith for the maps & routes. Get well Tony & Faye. And then there’s Joy. Thanks, love, for helping me putting it all together.


Write up by Graeme, photos by Peter

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