Corvette club of South Australia Inc.


The Kegel Club doesn’t normally have a moat, but on this particular evening it made for an interesting commute from the car park to the club entrance. BYO kayak should have been on the invitation list.

As usual there was a fair turnout. Mention free pizza and cheap drinks, members seem to come out of the woodwork.

Of the original 35 nominees, only 26 made it out to Tanunda. And of these not everyone “had a go”. 

Sore backs, cracks and sacks were the order of the night with 4 women and 16 men who managed to make not an entire fool of themselves, but it did come close for some. Yours truly included when my first attempt didn’t make it to the pins. There was the occasional pudle (gutter ball) of which a princely sum of $1 fine was handed out to 3 players. And a backwards delivery into the spectator’s gallery. Who was that again?..can’t remember..Neil..

Peter McBride again made sure all the good and not so good moments of the night did not go unnoticed without being recorded on his camera.

Not sure if Wombat’s close “dacking” was captured.

Some of those not competing went to the end of the lane to score and reset the pins after every attempt. To those I thank you.

Food was delivered and an intermission was required to feast on the plethora of garlic bread and pizza. Sorry for forgetting to bring plates or napkins.  Maybe next year..

There were some individual high scores resulting in a close finish for the ladies and not so much for the men as the winner won by a larger margin.

Winner of the Ladies was Norene and the men’s Dutch. After doing 4 rounds, the night finished reasonably early allowing some to wander off the local watering hole to check out the recently added tattoos on some ladies, in areas that don’t normally show. Not sure if Peter’s camera managed to record these. You have to ask him yourself.

So until next year..keep on

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