Corvette club of South Australia Inc.


Sunday morning and the sun is shining with a 25 degree day, our meeting place is at McDonald's Westlakes at 9.45. On arrival most of the cruisers had arrived before us, no surprise, a welcome to all some paperwork small speech then were off to meadows hotel. This run was a fill in run for members that didn't go to Naracoorte this long weekend ,to new members Terry& Lyn in their 1980 Dark Blue C3 joined us on there first cruise with the club welcome ,leaving at 10.15 from McDonald's we drive to Tapley hills Rd but halfway down Paul Watson’s c3 had electrical problems his day was done, he phoned later to say he gotten home ok, onto Brighton Rd up to roadworks a little set back so a detour around to the works and back onto Brighton Rd up the hill smooth sailing , cruising until Sherriff's Rd turned left onto sheriffs Rd then onto expressway all corvettes close behind as the expressway turn off gets closer the traffic starts to build up yes you guessed it roadworks to Victor Harbor . The traffic had grown a mile long not good for the vetts but it moved slowly after the turn off to Victor Harbor up the hill turn off to McLaren vale turn off where we meant to stop at McLaren vale for a rest brake sorry banjo, as we where running late for lunch driving through McLaren vale up to Kangarilla turn off then onto Meadows hotel, this part of the cruise is lovely as we pulled up in front of the hotel our parking space seemed to be waiting for us all the vetts parked ,several other people were waiting inside Graham & Debbie john's and Debbie's mum Gloria plus my son Mathew and wife Kelly also Sebastian grandson had come along in there Chevy lmpala, all moving inside the dining room was quite not for long we are a noisy bunch, the meal there are always great ,today was special is Peters birthday so all the cruisers signed his card as we had lunch l presented the, card and a bag off laughs you press it it laughs ,with lunch over it off to melbas Chocolate Factory. Several cruise left the run at Handorph the rest drove onto Woodside and Melbas Chocolate Factory the place had people every it was wonderful, l think everyone brought Chocolates. Joy and l thanked everyone for coming today thanks. A special thanks to Joy as she helped to keep me calm thanks

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