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It was a big call to book out the entire Deluxe Safari tent compound at the Tanunda Discovery park for the June long weekend.  We had to take all 12 ‘glamping cabins’ at nearly $200 a night to secure exclusive use of the area with entertainment area, fire pit and heated pool and spa plus private carpark in an adults only setting.

The forecast for the weekend was naturally rain, but it was clear on the drive up until we passed the big “Welcome to the Barossa” sign where it promptly poured with rain.  Some of the early starters met up with Pete and Lynda at OTR Bolivar to hit the park at 2 pm. 

Friday night saw 24 happy campers, 2 caravaners from the Nuri park (don’t ask) and the local Goofs arrive for the deluxe BBQ, luckily I had invited Craig and Leanne to this weekend and his chef skills came in handy as a feast was prepared on 2 undersized cooking plates.  The fire pit, entertainment area and spa all received a workout in the cold conditions.  The reality of a motel room with canvas walls and roof having little resistance to cold and noise became obvious.  The cranked up room heaters were still no barrier to Pete’s outside voice.

Saturday morning was cold and the chamois were out in force to remove the overnight rain.  After drivers briefing and the first poker card draw, we were off on a short drive to the Angaston market to sample the local goods.  Midday saw the group cruise back to Tanunda for a platter lunch at the picturesque Peter Lehmann winery made from locally sourced products, again joined by the local Goofs and Neil.

Saturday arvo was a free time and most people exploring the main street or went to collect some favourite wine.  Me and Kirsty and a couple more ended up at the gin bar, then the adjoining wine bar and were lucky to get back to the park in time to head off for dinner.  Dinner time was at the historic Tanunda Hotel, where the overhead heating was akin to standing in the 40 degree sun.  Kirsty’s reaction was amusing to some of the group.  Then it was back to the park for some drinking and jive talking around the fire as some of the more adventurous took to the spa and pool.

Sunday morning was the usual drivers briefing and poker card handout before the Corvette caravan headed out to Menglers Hill lookout for a quick photo shoot and soak up the Barossa chill.  Then it was off to Angaston via the back way then to Saltrams winery where we split into 2 groups for a tour of the historic winery and homestead.  We visited the underground vats where people have died over the years and are allegedly haunted.  Apparently this is where they make the ‘spirits’.  Then we all tucked into a pizza, chips and salad lunch in the old barrel storage room that was pretty yummy.

After lunch the group headed back to Tanunda for the Glampfest Masters mini golf tournament.  A classy field took to the tricky course in what was a hotly contested 18 rounds.  Back at the park the results came in, and it was a little bit awkward as yours truly had won.  Eddie immediately protested until I reminded him that he had scored me, the protest was just as quickly withdrawn.  Being a good sport I relinquished the crown and AJ and Goof were announced as joint winners, with Barossa wine and trophy handed out.  After the 5th card handout of the poker run was issued it was Alan and Janice who won the Supercheap voucher with 3 fives.  Funnily enough that was the same hand that won the last poker run at Victor.  It was then off to the The Clubhouse Tanunda, where everyone was joined by those locals again in the Presidents room for dinner.  Back to the Glamping for our last night, most people were winding down but Cyndy who had been foxing and laying low the previous 2 nights was partying with a vengeance, and her relationship with the music box having to be strictly managed after midnight.

Monday morning was checkout, Ray the yellow wiggle decided to cheat and drive his car up to the room to load up but practical joke Pete soon put a stop to a quick getaway with the re fit of the steel bollards across the bridge.  The group were then off to the Barossa Valley Chocolate company for a breakfast of bacon and eggs before hitting the highway to return home.

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