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Port Pirie Easter LWE 14/4/22 – 19/4/22

Thursday: we met at Maccas Munno Para for lunch before leaving on our 5 day trip to Pt Pirie. We travelled to Hamley Bridge where Goof & Mel joined us, then Owen with a photo stop to view the Silo art. We then continued through Balaklava, Blyth, Crystal Brook to Pt Pire arriving at the John Pirie Motel about 4:00 pm. We had 3 C3s, 2 C4s, 2 Commodores & 1 Prado. After coming back with some supplies, a couple drove into the car park as they had spotted the Corvettes turning up. It turned out they owned a C3 convertible & after some talking, we arranged for them to join us next day. They also brought along a friend with a silver collectors’ C3. Tea was at “Sporties Tavern” that night. This was a short walk/stagger there and back.

Friday: we cruised down the main street led by Mick, the local we met the day before. He led us to “Liz’s Transport Museum” where we had a good look at the huge collection of vehicles & other memorabilia. After lunch we did the Mural Trail around town. The locals hadn’t realised how many murals there were. Then we took a quick trip over the 1-way causeway to get a view of the Port from the other side. Colin & Cyndy joined us here in their C3. Then the locals took us out to “Broughton Plains Heritage Society” which has recently opened. The museum is run by volunteers who still have their own occupations. They put on coffee & cake for us. Very nice too! The locals Mick & Terry then took us back to the Motel via a scenic route showing the newer developments & the original cottage homes. Tea was then at Angas & Co at the Motel, so it was a very short walk!

Saturday: When our new local friends turned up, we went to the RSL Hall, where they have on display the last Huey Helicopter to fly out of Vietnam. This is the best RSL display we have seen anywhere. They start off giving you a full run down on the museum & different aspects. Then you can wander at your leisure & ask any questions you have. For anyone heading up that way it is a must see. After the RSL. Terry took the lead & we toured out through Napperby, Nelshaby through the back blocks, stopping at “Harry’s” for lunch. After a cruise to Weeroona Island, driving along the Esplanade, boat ramp & stopping at the Fairy Tree, we continued to Port Germein for a look at the wooden jetty, then some had icecreams & some had a frothy at the local pub. After arriving back at the motel there was a challenge for the travellers. The idea was to find out who were the best female & male tossers amongst us. This was determined by throwing different size, weight & shaped horseshoes at a steel peg. Scoring was very sophisticated & the rules…pretty much anything went.

Female tossers                                                            Male tossers                                           

1s           Mel                                                                                          1st           Goof                                                               

2nd         Kay                                                                                          2nd          Colin                                                            

3rd          Cyndy                                                                                       3rd          Andrew

 Each placegetter was awarded a “Tossers of Pt Pirie” trophy depicting a horseshoe on a Redgum from the outback. Tea was at “The Church of Fish & Chips”, which was a renovated church with stained glass windows. We opted for a taxi each way, which made for a great night. Then we had the usual carpark night caps.

Sunday: We took off to Quorn for lunch via Germein Gorge Rd, which is a stunning drive. We stopped at the old ruins of “Bangor Historic Site”. This was a major stopping point on the old stock route. Next, we stopped at Melrose because Mel & Goof being swingers wanted to go swinging. Actually a few got in on the act. When you travel in a group, you tend to do these strange things, like the Swinging Bridge” at Melrose. Lunch was at the “Transcontinental Hotel”. Then we checked out the Steam engine & carriages that had pulled into the Quorn siding. After cruising back via Stirling North, we visited the Pt Pirie Railway Museum, which told you the history of Pt Pirie, the Smelters & the surrounding districts. There was also a good view from the lookout out at the top. We had pizzas delivered to the motel & sat at the pool site for another late night.

Monday: we cruised to Gladstone where we stopped to look at the RSL site. 2 caretakers were cleaning the glass & after some chit-chat they opened the display & allowed us in so we could take photos of the canon without getting reflections from the glass. You just have to love the local people who are so proud of their area. From here we cruised to Jamestown, Appila, Booleroo Centre, stopping at Wirrabara for more Silo art. We continued to Stone Hut Bakery for lunch. From here we headed back to Pt Pirie, this time travelling down the Germein Gorge Rd taking in views of the gulf through some cloud & rain. Another Taxi trip to tea at the Central Hotel. Saves having to count your drinks. Shorter pool party gathering tonight as we had to head for home in the morning.

Tuesday: Time for home, decided to stay off the main Hwy where possible. So we cut through Pt Broughton, Bute. Then down over the new overpass at Pt Wakefield, stopping for lunch at Kiplings Bakery. Here we said our goodbyes & said how we had a great, enjoyable weekend with great enjoyable company.

Thank you to all who came & brought your sense of humour & adventure. Pete & Lyn

Photos by Peter, Kay, Ian, Andrew, Cyndy

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