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After numerous reminders of a classic Jaguar Museum being worth the trip from Jaguar friends and with further discussions at coffee and chrome gatherings, I thought It was time to see what all the chatter was about and see the stray cats in Tanunda.

So on a perfect day, it was the customary meeting at a Bunnings carpark to gather in all 18 club cars plus a few add ons head for the Barossa Valley and Carl Lindner’s Classic Jaguar collection.

It was a pleasant drive down the Northern Expressway, clearing all the spider webs from the exhaust of the growling vet convoy.

‘Oh what a gorgeous sight”, said Rob McConnell, our Club President as he was driving (unfortunately) in the opposite direction!

We were greeted by an impressive statue of a Jaguar cat constructed of old jag parts and met by Jake, who heads up the impeccable museum operation. He is head mechanic, museum director and caretaker of all these cats.

He must be kept very busy as all the cars are roadworthy and get regular runs on fundraising events and other special outings.

There was a vast collection of chrome and curves with Jaguars from many eras, displaying the designs from 1930 to late 1970.

Carl figured highly in the Barossa district in many different businesses including the wine industry also including the Clubhouse hotel, which he was responsible for restoring at a time of need, hence he has his own special place in this establishment, known as Carl’s Corner.

The hotel was very nicely presented with a panoramic photo of the valley as a backdrop to the dining room, with service and meals being second to none.

Jake gave us an insight into the man, Carl Linder, his achievements, and the history that brought this classic Jaguar Museum to South Australia.

There were lots of questions, and I’m sure Jake was able to answer all of them.

Unfortunately, Carl is no longer with us, passing away in 2017, but as part of his legacy, the museum has a strong connection with the Surf Lifesaving community with proceeds from the museum being donated to the Westpac Rescue helicopter service, which runs during the summer months.

Carl was obviously a passionate motoring enthusiast, a highly dedicated, community minded local.  He was truly a remarkable individual to have achieved all of this in his lifetime and we at CCSA enjoyed the venue and hospitality shown by all involved. 

Thank you to all who attended the run.  Hope you all had a great day.

All in all, a near Purrrrfect day!


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