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We left home shortly after the earthquake at 7:25 a.m., the road was wet and slippery, great start for a run!!?? Earthquake? different start to the day!!

We arrived a little before 8:45 a.m. to find two couples already inside OTR, Bolivar. The idea I had stated at the meeting was to meet at 9:00 for a 9:30 departure, by 9:15 there were 15 Corvettes and one daily driver ready to go, and we’d pick up 3 more Corvettes at Kanagaroo Flat.

We headed up the Pt Wakefield Road in convoy, a Red C3 [it seems the colour for the day] followed by fourteen Corvettes, and a SUV as our ‘rear guard’. Leaving the Pt Wakefield Road we headed towards Two Wells, then on thru Mallala to Kangaroo Flat, where we picked up the other 3 Corvettes [including the Prez in his 71].

Morning tea was at the Gallery Café in Hamley Bridge, where we finally arrived after a misread, by the Captain, of the directions, which extended the drive, but avoided a “U” turn.

After a half hour morning tea, (including some complimentary cakes, topped with cream, to go with coffees), Rob McConnell led us on to the next section through Tarlee (the bakery there was closed from before Xmas, due to covid 19, but looked to be open again as we passed through). Back on track we cruised up through Rhynie to Auburn and hung a left at Port Road, regrouped, and headed for Balaklava and eventually Port Wakefield.

At Port Wakefield we came in behind Coles, Shell Express where roadworks are still progressing and had to perform a left turn [easy] to put us on the path for a right turn at Edward Street [not so easy, but it worked] and the final leg to the Rising Sun Hotel. The group filled the dining area as we did our covid tracing, drink and meal ordering before moving to the beer garden out back.

The feedback from those on the run was that they enjoyed; some good roads not seen before, not a lot of other traffic, the scenery, the food (ample serves at the Pub) and the great company.

The run raised $135.00 from members, and with the Committee matching that, provides $270.00 towards Cancer Research, from the Corvette Club of South Australia Inc. Thanks also to those who donated, but did not attend the run.

Thanks to all who turned up making a great run, from Faye & Tony.

Also thanks to Peter McBride & Greg Woods for other photography.

Photos Faye & Tony

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