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It was a warm sunny morning and the carpark on the beach was full, which was rather inconvenient as that was our meeting spot for the cruise.  Luckily Pete and Lynda turn up early everywhere and he had all the cars parked up the nearest side street as everyone gathered for a coffee at Noonies.

Banjo Brian had an offer of a club event at the business of Powertech/Camperagent on Pt Wakefield Rd, with a free lunch thrown in as part of the deal from the owner John Munro.  Traditionally club events that include free stuff are well attended and 25 Corvettes rolled up.  John Munro arrived for the cruise in his modified C7 Z06 with a family member in his C6 ZR1.

The Corvette caravan headed off up the Esplanade to the smiles and waves of the adoring public but without a U turn it was soon replaced by the obligatory C3 fuel stop instead.  It’s always C3’s (except for Jim’s famous Nullarbor incident of course), they must have extra small fuel tanks in them.

After fuel and photo’s we were off down the Port expressway and the Northern expressway, for a quick blast before finding the opportunity for a club U turn to head back to Pt Wakefield Rd. 

As we headed back along Pt Wakefield Rd the caravan was being led by C6 Z06 Jack until some shenanigans with some fast accelerating from the supercharged C7Z06 and C6ZR1 cars.  Of course Jim didn’t want to miss out and was like a little brother trying to keep up in C5 George.

Upon arrival at Camperagent everyone was lined up for the photo shoot and President Rob was officially issued with his new custom plates by Pete.  I’m guessing long term project cars don’t need a huge fuel tank do they?  Everyone had a good wander around looking at the caravans, campers and a seriously impressive range of performance cars, with everything from SLR Torana’s to Mclarens and 1000 hp Monaro’s.

At the rear of the yard is an old house that has been converted into an entertainment area where the Munro family put on a great lunch with Yiros and BBQ.  The hospitality was well received.

After an enjoyable day people headed off home later in the afternoon.  John has offered up this day again to the club with a longer cruise next time and I’m sure this will be popular.

Write up by Sean. Photos by Peter & Kay


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