Corvette club of South Australia Inc.


Some Members met at the parking bay on the South East Freeway, just below the Mt Osmond Exit, ready for a 3:45 sharp departure. The meeting point filled steadily, even though some members had driven either straight to the facility or would catch up on the way.

Greg woods donated his time to photograph the run, which is greatly appreciated. Six cars set off for The Bend, with three more waiting at the Mt Barker on ramp.

As it was a Saturday Run, the freeway which is usually fairly busy, was light with road works (60 kph) through the tunnel and up to Crafers. As we passed the Mt Barker on ramp we collected a three more cars waiting in the rest bay. The afternoon was a little cool but clear, a magnificent day for a run, till we crossed the Murray. A short distance later we drove onto the new road surface devoid of any bumps or irregularity, with a speed limit for "New Bitumen" of 60 kph which seemed to go on forever. While we complied many didn't.

Arriving at The Bend Motorsport Park, we pulled into the car park, where five more cars had arrived either early or from locations where it was more convenient to go straight to the track (Darle & Cheryl - from Monash, Alister Wright - from Young Husband - on first club run). Andrew Catford, had missed the meeting point having driven past, before the Cruise Captain arrived at 3:15 p.m., also on his first club run.

After a look round the reception area, and completing the room bookings for those staying the night, we signed in and were ushered to the driver briefing - 1 lap of the 4.95 GT Circuit [used by V8 Supercars] and 1 lap of the 7.7 International Circuit [the second longest permanent track to Nurburgring], we would be travelling at 80kph or maybe a bit quicker, no overtaking, need to keep within safe distance from car in front [but keep up] and don't get lost. As we headed onto the track, the line up was 14 cars. Took a long video with camera mounted on the mirror [for some reason the dash cam, like the last time here decided to fail] - unfortunately the Corvettes behind the Pace Car [a Red ZR1 and black supercharged C4] cruised away out of sight, and were not seen again till we were leaving the track, after a bonus second lap of the 7.7 International Circuit.

We returned to the Welcome Centre and proceeded upstairs to Rydges Restaurant where we had an "alternate drop" meal of either lamb shank [someone said to "die for"] or chicken breast. Meals were excellent, as was the service. During the meal a member was heard to say he had said "sorry" to his partner [who will "sky dive" but not "fast drive"] when he stopped in the car park [his apology was caught on the camera as the first thing he said, in an excited voice, when he got out of the car!].
Catherine found out it was Peter Monu's birthday, so he was given a rousing birthday song [She did however keep it quiet that it was HER'S the following day].

Feedback was that all had a great time and enjoyed the meals, at the end of which we said farewell to those not staying due to other commitments. The following morning we were awoken early to the sound of motorbikes warming up for a session on the track. 15 of us met in the dining room for breakfast, again a great meal. I can hear the suspension complaining again.

Thanks to all those who attended (especially Greg & Christine) and made a great day of it. Faye & Tony

Photos courtesy of Greg Woods & Faye Beer Smith

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