Corvette club of South Australia Inc.


A cool and overcast morning greeted us at the beginning of our sojourn in the little hamlet of Lyndoch. A number of corvettes soon began rumbling into the car park, along with a couple of ring ins, one being a Dodge and some other dual cab ute. Onyer prez.

It was good, however, to see some unfamiliar faces amongst the usual crowd. Bill, Sandie and the First Lady being a few. A varying degree of breakfasts and complimenting coffee were served out of the local bakery making for a pleasant gathering prior to our departure.

We headed off pretty much on time towards to Tanunda to find out if any remnants of the cancelled hot rod show were to be seen. We were in luck while we did a "Mainie" and spotted a few.

The convoy of majestic muscle continued through some of the more picturesque and quieter roads meandering amongst the ever present grapevines out to the northern parts of the Barossa Valley.

Following the Thiele Highway from the backwaters and deliverance country of Truro and Eudunda, the cruisers soon found themselves at the Murray town of Morgan, where we waited to catch the ferry named "COOT". (This will become obvious later). We managed to get across in only 2 attempts.

Not far from our destination now as the vettes (and others) passed Cadell and onto the fabulous setting of Caudo Winery. We were greeted by the owner Joe Caudo and given privileged parking on the lawned area. Prior to lunch Joe graciously showed us his private museum of cars and other bits of paraphernalia including a signed Sydney Olympic flag with many names of the athletes scattered around the symbolic rings.

When lunch was finally ordered, many went with the platters( not singing group Jim) and pizzas. Our outlook was amazing as we were just meters from the ever serene Murray River.

Quite a few extra purchases were made of the 3 or 4 flavours of Sangria to take home. Thanks Catherine.

A bottle of port was on offer to answer just "1" question. On the ferry we crossed, what do you do while sitting in your car? Look around of course. But not today it seems as the question was "What's the name of the ferry we crossed at Morgan". 25 people and no-one could answer. So as I could have kept the port for myself I tried to make it easier, and Ian managed to name the Thiele highway we travelled on.

So ended another fantastic day out with a Corvette Club cruise.
And no U-turn.

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