Corvette club of South Australia Inc.


Photos by John & Jenny

It was a nice sunny Sunday when I arrived at TTP for the meet up, Rudy & Kay, John & Jenny, Peter B, Tony, Graham, Larry and Dale was in his Oldsmobile this year. It would have to rate as the shortest club run, only 7.5km and 10min up the road to the oval. We were ushered into our usual spot, along the back of the oval, where David D was already waiting, although it was a bit cramped with the new concrete discus/shot-put start blocks they have installed. Up went Tony's shade tent, complete with club sign across the front. We had our egg n bacon breakfasts early before they run out of eggs this time. Walked around the oval a few times looking at the many varied makes n models of US vehicles, the oval was the fullest I have seen in recent years. During the day we were joined by Gary, Leon and finally Danny, even Schrapel joined us under the shade. The club must have made a good impression on the public, as we handed out membership forms to 2 potential new members, a bloke with a ’77 and another with 2 C4’s. Pack up time at 3pm came around fast, we said our goodbye’s and departed the oval.

Story Alan Litchfield

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