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Decided to do a scouting run over the upcoming Club cruise route (didn’t want any surprises on the day). Asked Jim if he would like to join me as Jim is much the same as me, aging, no retention span, spends more time trying to absorb the info rather than retain it, circuit breaker nano second and we both have the ability when the circuit break trips to attain stratospheric heights without needing to breathe – basically old redheads. Also asked Jim if he would be willing to be last car on the cruise and he answered yes with a twinkle in his eye and a grin on his face. 

CRUISE Met at 8.30 Hungry Jacks Firle. We left home under heavy clouds and drizzling rain to find only about six vehicles parked. Glad that I revised dining from 20-30 to 10-15 on the scouting trip. A member with a Javelin decided to meet at his own designated meeting point and arrived slightly late to join the rest of the boisterous party inside Hungry Jacks. Jim was present and due to his agreement to be the last car and mother the little ducks, had arrived in his huge UAV. I mean this thing was on steroids with tinted windows so dark that even your reflection screamed for release. Body color misty camouflage grey to assimilate into the surroundings and Jim referred to it affectionately as SGH (shot gun hauler). Remember I mentioned red head/short fuse and no oxygen required.  After the meet and greet and normal discussion of do’s and don’ts completed, we departed with approximately thirteen cars which was outstanding considering the weather. A quick phone call to Tony at the Green Man Pub to increase our numbers for meals back up to 28-30 which he did graciously and was very accommodating. Finally, on the road and to his word, Jim was there at the rear protecting his flock against all possible evil acts. All his lights were on including the 300mm light bar, four light force spot lights and travelling so close to the first duck that his bum was quivering. We proceeded up Magill Road heading towards Lobethal and onto Woodside. Not 10 mins later we had our first non-scheduled U-turn. Mr. Falconer had informed that a couple of ducks had missed the turn but were being ushered back to the correct route - from other accounts SGH had raced ahead rounded the lost ducks up and mothering them to the correct route. Once all together again onwards we continued. Lobethal is approx. 15-20km away and is constantly throttle/brake up and down dale for the entire distance. Some comments were made at the comfort stop but fortunately no sick bags required. As we passed through the outskirts of Woodside, we collecting our wayward President who was waiting patiently with Karen – evidently Wally was not happy being left out of the cruise.  Pressing onwards towards Meadows via Hahndorf and Echunga this was a welcome change to the Adelaide-Lobethal Road being much straighter and cruising at higher speeds. It was good to see the drivers using good protocol in watching the car in front and vice versa watching the car in the rear. We finally arrived at Meadows as another opening of the heavens occurred. Coffee was consumed and buns and savories sampled and then finally the comfort stop – the main reason for the break. Off again through Kuitpo Forest and now heading to the coast via Willunga Hill. A quick left and then a quick right and we were on the straight sections heading towards Yankalilla. Not quite at Yankalilla a quick turn to the left and then heading towards Victor at speed. A left turn some 20km down the road and we ended up climbing whilst circumnavigating Billy Park conservation area. Next turn is right heading back towards Victor but not far down the road a very quick exit left onto Crows Nest Road and now we’re climbing to the summit in a twisting throttle/brake/throttle brake motion. Very quick reprieve given at the Crows Nest lookout where all could see for miles down towards Middleton, Goolwa and the Coorong in the distance. Enough chit chat and more brake/throttle, the snake road continued until we did a left turn at Middleton and a snail crawl through Goolwa. Up over Hindmarsh Island bridge to the marina and back. This was the planned Uturn. Oh no, missing in action, two cars not seen. SGH and the duck in front of him had missed the turn in Goolwa but ever to the rescue SGH had rounded up the delinquent duck and corralled them at Currency Creek. Some 15 mins later all ducks are together and executed a left turn and head towards Ashbourne and the Green Man pub some 15-20 mins down the road. Arrived at the Green Man pub to find it packed and so to the car park. I was thankful I had booked and increased the

numbers for meals. We had our own separate dining room which was fortunate as we are a large boisterous group when we get together – a result of good friends and happy campers. Tony at Green Man pub explained the ordering and paying process and food for the ravenous horde appeared ….. oh by the way the weather had turned and was now blue skies and sunshine …. All part of the service little ducks. 

I believe a great day had by all and all I had to do was: 1. Meet somewhere. 2. Drive somewhere.  3. Have a break somewhere.  4. Drive some more somewhere. 5. Have lunch….you guessed it… somewhere.

To all who attended I and made the day what it was I offer huge kudos and to SGH (shot gun hauler) kudos as well for your time on the scouting trip and mothering the ducks as well. Glad to see no buckshot was required. It was a pleasure to be mother duck for a day.

NOTE:  Jim and I would never be politicians with all the constraints. On the scouting run we solved the problems of the world by shooting/incarcerating/burying/forced education centres/deporting/confiscating. By the end of the run we were happy and calm as two redheads can be. 

Until the next cruise, happy Vetting… Cheers AJ and Julie ‘ 54 vette cruising.

PS The writer of this commentary may have taken some poetic license as I believe this version is better than we met somewhere, we drove somewhere, we stopped somewhere and we drove more and had lunch somewhere but honestly folks that’s how easy it is to organize a club cruise.

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