Corvette club of South Australia Inc.


Write up and photos Tony Beer Smith

Club members met at 6:30am on Bartels Road in the East Parklands. The morning was quite cool with a overcast of cloud. 10 Corvettes lined up by year from 1972 to 1998 and headed for the entry gate. The convoy snaked across Dequetteville Tce and almost came to a stop to allow the last cars to get through the lights [as the last couple of cars rejoined the end of the line] the cars snaked back across to the roundabout to turn left [spectators out walking were given a rare treat as we filled the road from left to right].

On entry marshals guided us to the lawn area alongside the road, [used by contestants on the day to and from the track], and placed us in the second row. The photos were taken prior to the public being admitted, hence the minimum number of people in photos. As the gates opened, traffic in and around the cars grew, unfortunately the crowds did not bring a rise in temperature with them, so the air was still cool to “bloody” cold prompting Steve (yes in shorts) to put his roof up and sit in the warmth of the car for quite some time.

The day warmed and the track events got under way, so a continuous stream of cars and people traversed the area. The line of Corvettes was the only display of one make of car side by side in the whole display area.  People walked through
comparing “one” with “another” and noticed the differences.

Peter Bartlett, [who got the ball rolling], had his Fiat Topolino entered with the Italian Made Cars Club, on the opposite side of the roadway. Attendees all had a great time, and the venue was well catered for with food vans. 

It was the only venue, where you can walk amongst the Rally Cars, [from the rally events held over the previous two days], that were parked on the lawns in front of the old Victoria Park Race Course Grandstand.

The range of vehicles on display was ginormous (Porsche, Audi, BMW, McLaren, Brabham, Ferrari, to name a few), as were some of the prices [$3.4 million for a McLaren P1] some in the hundred’s of thousands, a few in the ten’s of thousands. You could even buy a second hand Ferrari motor with 100,000k on the clock for $40,000, what would you put it in?

All in all a great day and perhaps one to consider for another visit.

Thanks to those attending and making it a great day.

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