Corvette club of South Australia Inc.


Monday 13th, call from Da Prez, had a call from Ben at Repco, Pt Adelaide something about a few cars for display – can you take care of it?

Called Ben to get info, his Manager has asked him to get some cars for Sunday the 19th. Out went a hurried email to get some responses. Five members put up their hands, so I became number six.

We arrived to display the cars from 12:00 until 3:00 in the car park at the front door. The cars used 6 of the available 8 spaces. Was a cool day with occasional bursts of sun, but quite pleasant overall. Attendees drove a Blue 59, Yellow 72, White 73, Red 74, Yellow 77 & 78 Pace Car.

Customers stopped to look at the cars as they entered or left the store [many shopping at SuperCheap also came over to inspect], some driving past, parked to have a look.

Ben was happy with the turn out, [as was his Manager], and when asked why he requested the Corvette Club, his response was, “you see Holdens, Fords and Hot Rods all the time, I thought this would be something different and interesting.”

For their time in attending the display, Repco, gave each attendee a Nu Finish Bucket of car care products. Thanks to Dave Rees, Dave Daw, Alan Litchfield, Alan Scroop and Rudy & Kay Rygucki.

Write up: Alan Litchfield
Photos: Alan Litchfield & Tony Beer Smith

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