Corvette club of South Australia Inc.


Had a wonderful day on the weekend 21st & 22nd April at the Classic & Vintage Car Rally at McLaren Vale. As far as I could tell I was one of two members of The Corvette Club, there were only 4 vettes out of 500 to 600 cars. One red C3 was driven by Tom. I  stayed overnight at Serafino`s so as to get a good position and avoid a 2 hour drive early Sunday morning, rooms were very nice. A very well organised event.  I put my C5 right at the front of the Chevy row, hoping other Corvettes would turn up soon, however I was surrounded by Commodores and MX5`s, the other 3 Vettes were way back in the distance. On arrival were were all given a "goody bag" with usual sponsers discount cards etc and a lovely brass plaque. Whilst having breakfast at Seraphinos met Colin Bond who was sitting alone, we had a bit of a chat, unfortunately he didn't remember me when I last chatted to him in the 70`s when he was in the "Endrust Car rally". I was an official and he allowed a photo of me with him, he was here to give a talk on the Saturday night, he had his original Escort Rally car there too. It was a very hot day, which started at 8.30 am, and the last cars arrived after 10.30, at 11.00 we all proceeded to the main street which was packed hundreds of very vocal spectators. After a slow drive through town, each group peeled off at different places and ended up at different venues for lunch, Chevys and Pontiacs etc went to Angoves winery, Greek style food from a van! Some old hands took their own picnics. Experience does pay!

Ray Preston

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