Corvette club of South Australia Inc.



Better known these days as the National Motor Museum Birdwood !. A few months ago John Randall came up with the idea of putting a club display into the Birdwood Mill. Known as ‘Club Corner’ a small upstairs section of the mill is opened up to car clubs to promote their activities and vehicles at no cost. Any who John proposed the idea, advertised it and put a fair deal of effort into organising something special. A couple of exploratory trips were made to see what other clubs had done and the space available. Sunday the 18th of June saw the commencement of our clubs display which will run through until the 16th of September. The current vehicles which will eventually include Mick Turner’s C6 ZO-6, will remain in place until  Saturday the 29th July when another four vehicles will be installed but the static display remain the same.

A bright and chilly Sunday morning saw the 3 initial vettes arrive to a foggy welcome to Birdwood, with Neil’s C4, Arthur’s C3 and AJ’s C1 arriving and yes AJ did drive up in the challenging conditions. This also meant we had to have a team of backup cars and drivers to get us all home and deliver the copious amounts of other memorabilia that has been put together. Luckily the Mill aren’t to concerned about their wall and we were able to drill, screw nail and plaster things into place at will. Luckily the new 40th anniversary banners arrived in time to become the centre piece of the back drop. Much laying out, re organising and debating was had about what should go where. Initially we were given a deadline of 10am to get things sorted, well that came and went and the cars were barely in place before that time. The C4 was the worst to install being the lowest and the driveway was more of a challenge with much scraping and swearing being conducted. So we have installed banners, national and club shirts, signed prints from the Corvette Racing teams, a C1—C7 model representation of the corvettes, advertising brochures, Ports from the club and the nationals anything with Corvette written on it has made it’s way into the display. The mill staff were impressed by what we did in such a short time and advise it is one of the better displays they have had. The current four vehicles will be replaced with Spiro’s C2, Laurie’s C3, Frank’s C4 and John’s C5 (even if he has to push it up there!). The club is in the process of organising a run to the Mill where we will be enabled to park in the grounds and use the BBQ facilities to further promote the clubs presence and our 40th. Thank you to all who have offered to part with their pride and joy for a couple of months and a huge thank you to John and Jenny for making this happen.





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