Corvette club of South Australia Inc.


1975 C3 Corvette Stingray
Power windows
Air cond
Turbo Automatic Transmission
383 Chev motor (not standard)
Matching numbers all throughout.
Recond Independent rear suspension (leaf spring)
Recond front end and body bushings

Purchased vehicle in 2019 from colleague at work. He had vehicle for 10 + years and imported from states.
I kept pestering owner if he’d sell, eventually he said yes, that was it, I then became a C3 owner, goal achieved !! Purchased with never having driven the vehicle, as it was red, sounded great and it was a stingray, it ticked all my boxes.
Transferring registration was an interesting task, there was no left-hand drive exemption certificate?? After a few calls and advice from Mark Dixon (thanks Mark), the C3 had to be checked by Regency before registered.
This is where the fun started. As a mechanic by trade, I inspected the vehicle in preparation for Regency inspection, to my surprise, entire front and rear end was in need of refurbishment, every rubber bushing was either damaged or missing, ball joints were worn and the birdcage body bushes were non-existent.
This explains why the previous owner mentioned “as it’s a 45-year-old car, it’s quite floaty and boat’ish”. Umm, I think it’s time for some mechanical intervention !!
After all repairs carried out, first inspection over Regency and tick, vehicle is registered ready for cruising.
All numbers match on this vehicle which is another reason why I purchased it, the original engine is preserved and stored, intent here is to recondition back to original specs, no rush on this though.
The current engine is a 383 chev with a few internal/external “mods” I’ve added,  just for that little bit of extra fuel consumption and V8 sound (don’t expect economy with ~ 450hp) 😄
The vehicle was recently used in a photo shoot for a portfolio including models, all to do with a “Prince - Little Red Corvette” theme.
Love this car, it drives extremely well, it’s very quick, it’s loud and has all those Marilyn Monroe curves.

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