Corvette club of South Australia Inc.


Having been employed by General Motors in the engineering department for 10 years early in my working life, owning a classic GM was always a dream - it was just a matter of time.

The dream was made a reality when I met my wife Jo, who had always shared a passion for sportscars, in particular the early C3 Corvette models.

The beauty of the 1961 C1 was brought to our attention after attending a car club event in McLaren Vale wineries, some years ago prior to the Vintage and Classic. It was here that we were captured by the unique design lines of the 61, with the retention of classic quad headlights from the 59 model and the rear design change which differed from the duck tail of the late 50's model, heralding the beginning of the C2 Stingray.
Some see this model as a mid design model change, combining a bit of the old and a lot of the new. For us, this was where the seed was planted and the C3 dream was shelved for now. We began researching through the internet and classic car magazines….

Approximately four months later, we were fortunate to discover a vehicle through a historic car club in Queensland. Inspections resulted in a purchase and transportation back to SA.

As we had purchased the vehicle without sighting ourselves, we realized on its arrival how much TLC this car needed! Many hours were spent dismantling, overhauling, reconditioning and improving… and you all know how the story goes.
The work commenced with long hours overhauling the body and paint, braking system, steering components, rear differential, interior and electrical system. I did have reservations on the changes we could have made but thanks to some impeccable timing from the SA government LHD regulation changes, we kept the vehicle as original as possible. This was with the exception of the powered front disk brake modification.
Then, just as we thought we had finished this C1 project, we agreed it needed the last piece of the puzzle that would transform it……….the hardtop. We were not satisfied with the softtop with its rectangular frame and openings as it did not compare to the hardtop attributes of a flowing roofline which complemented the body design.

So off we went surfing the net again for a restored roof, ultimately sourcing from Glassworks in the US. Twelve months later she was complete and well worth all the hassle. She was now an all seasons drive.

Since completing this project, we have enjoyed many a drive through the Adelaide Hills, Barossa, and Fleurieu Peninsula. We have also attended many club events where membership of the SA Corvette Club has given us the opportunity to meet many friendly, like minded people, who have also been very welcoming.

Ultimately, cruising on the open road, roof on or off, coasting into townships, wineries, bakeries and pubs has been where we have really enjoyed this car and sparked the interest and appreciation of the local classic car enthusiasts for this early era Corvette.

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