Corvette club of South Australia Inc.


Longing for another muscle car (a rather lengthy drought had been endured since the '88 Camaro), a robust conversation with my wife Kerry ensued. Inspiration had already been building from the stories and pictures of CCSA adventures shared by Kerry's parents Kay and Rudy. Besides, I had always loved the concept of 'muscle meets sport' which only 'America's favourite sports car' could offer. Low slung and sexy.

I had an edge. My wife and daughter had been keen to move house. So the obvious negotiation was, "well OK, providing the new address can accommodate a 3rd car". The condition was agreed to and the rest is history.

We were made aware of Danny's C4 availability and the investigations commenced. Having checked out a couple of others, it quickly became clear that this was the one that spoke to us...and I liked the colour! New address, check. Introduction of Corvette to family, check. Join the CCSA, check!

Since arriving home in November 2019, the car has since had new injectors, master cylinder, heater tap and universal joints fitted to name the majors so far. We've thoroughly enjoyed every opportunity to roll the wheels out of the garage, especially those occasions which engage with the Club!

No doubt our latest family member will receive more TLC (and a bigger budget!) than the daily drives.

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