Corvette club of South Australia Inc.


A run to Vales

We arrived a little before 9:30 a.m. to find a small group was already assembling. With a forecast of 190 and the sun shining, it seemed the gods looked favourably upon us. One member in shorts, voz asked if he owned a thermometer?

The idea I thought I had stated at the meeting was to meet after 9:30 for a 10:30 departure. That way I could finalise the numbers with the café for lunch, the booking for 20 had now escalated to 27 by my count.

We headed up the freeway in convoy, a Voodoo Blue C6 [Commodore 6.0 litre SS, the Corvette’s not quite finished] followed by ten Corvettes, a Porsche 928S and a Nissan 300 ZX [convertible]. Leaving the freeway towards Strathalbyn via Callington, we picked up another Corvette in Littlehampton.

Morning tea was at the Corner Bakery in Strath, where a new owner of a 1984 Corvette had arranged to catch up, and meet some other owners. Didn’t see him.

We headed off for McLaren Vale via Meadows and Old Willunga Hill, giving the McBrides a five minute head start to set up for a photo shoot [thanks Peter & Lynda, who left to meet up with their daughter]. We arrived at Carmel’s Bar & Grill at McLaren Vale, filling a whole row across the middle of the restaurant.

New members Allan & Jan (Black ‘76 C3) and Graham & Debbie Johns met us there, and all seemed fine. Then Graham Smith & Jenny came in a bit later [turns out Serge (the new owner) had found them in Strath and kept them talking, hence their delay] – uh-oh we’re one seat short, quick adjustment, problem solved. It took a while for the food for 28 to arrive (mostly at the same time – sorry Dave, but it did come eventually), giving the group plenty of time to chat. A visitor bobbed in (Tom Stanef – obviously with out precious. Few clouds seen over SA in morning) with his partner, having seen the Vettes go by.

The feedback from those on the run was that they enjoyed; the good roads, the great scenery, the great food (ample serves) and the good company.

Thanks to all who turned up making a great run, from Faye & Tony.

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